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Switch from Evernote to Notion

Change from Evernote to Notion

In my case, I have been an advanced Evernote user for 12 years. Specifically since 2010.

When I discovered it, a whole world opened up for me. Until then I had endless paper notebooks, loose sheets of paper, where I wrote down everything: meetings, ideas, tasks, and I tried to keep one notebook after another in order. But even so, every time I went to look for something, it was mission impossible, because I had no way of remembering, neither the dates of what I wrote nor which notebook it was in.

Then I decided to switch to Windows Notepad, and it didn't get any better. It was the same, but digital and therefore editable... but each note or txt file was difficult to find in the folder where I saved it, I had to open it to see its content and therefore to take advantage of everything I wrote down.

On the other hand, Evernote allowed me all these years to have all my information at my fingertips, on my Mac, on my mobile, or via the web, sorted by thematic notebooks, all in one place. And best of all, with an incredible meta-search engine that finds everything, no matter where and how I annotated and saved it, the truth is that I am tremendously grateful for all these years of productivity.

But after the decline of Evernote, something new has arrived, some time ago... although I discovered it late and I must admit that with initial distrust, now I am delighted with Notion.

Why switch from Evernote to Notion

With Notion, you move from the concept of a digital notepad to an interconnected database.


Where formats have no limit and you can write infinite nested notes, which seems minor but changes everything. Highlight notes with emojis in the title visible from the sidebar that allows you greater agility of access. Add header images to a page. Or even create powerful dynamic tables integrated into the pages.


Every page you create as a database is like a table of information in rows and columns, but comes with interchangeable views of the database so that the same information can be easily added and displayed as a list, gallery, or board (Kanban), timeline, or calendar.


Everything can be moved by dragging it visually. You can use Markdown and by entering a simple / when typing, it opens the context menu, with all the options to add or embed.

You can embed inside a page absolutely everything you can think of, as it happens in a web page, but in a much more powerful, easy, and visual way.


Notion pages, both normal text and database pages, can be linked together and interconnected like a wiki, where each paragraph of text is an item to link to or convert into a page or database item, opening up a world of possibilities.


As there are so many possibilities that Notion offers you, you may be overwhelmed, that's why it comes with a directory of templates, that you can copy, modify and use as you prefer. This way you can take advantage of work done by someone else creating the structures, in the most effective way.

Comments and real-time collaboration

If you come from Evernote, you will know how horrible it has always been there to share notes and collaborate. In Notion, it's straightforward, from sharing, private individual to the group, or public. Allowing editing, comments, mentions, duplicating as a template, or being indexed in search engines....

If you value your time, are a fan of productivity and a note-taking addict, you should at least try Notion.
Plus just for coming from Evernote, Notion will reward you with $5 in credit redeemable for Pro plans.

How to switch from Evernote to Notion

If you come from Evernote, we will try to explain how to migrate to Notion, as I have done, and some important extra details, that have helped me, in case it helps you too.

You can import all Evernote notebooks, with their notes, tags, and images included. Every notebook and every Evernote note will be converted into Notion Pages. You can also choose whether you want to import everything, or just import a specific Evernote notebook.

To start, you have to go to Notion on the left side gray bar, and at the end before the trash can icon, you have the option "lmport", when you click on it, the first option is Evernote, as you can see in the following image:

Import from Evernote

If you enter it, it will ask you to log in to your Evernote account, and then Accept to grant permissions to Notion to show you Evernote content.

Notion access to Evernote

You choose the notebook or all the notebooks to import and this will create in Notion the notebooks you have in Evernote, but it will do it in a particular way, it will create a Page in Notion for each Evernote notebook and inside a list view and a gallery view. Each note will be one more Page of these databases.

Choose Evernote notebook to Notion

This is useful because you can then view the notes by dates and so on, but I prefer to add a change to make it look to my liking.

My advice

Among the possibilities of Notion, as I said, is to create nested pages, this allows easier navigation from the side menu and establishes an inheritance and structure to the content.

The default way to import is to create a Notion database and each note is a database item. This allows you to sort and filter the notes, but not to access the notes from the side menu, or the structured view. So if like me you prefer to modify it, it is as simple as going to the parent Page, and once inside select all or a few of the Pages and drag them to the left bar. When you have them all there, you can create a new parent page and drag in the same sidebar the pages inside it, so that the parent is not a database, but a parent page with sub-pages.

Once you have imported the notes into Notion you can organize them as you wish just by dragging them, linking them to each other, or to other databases.


I also leave you a video, in case you prefer it in this format:


Note that the import does not delete your notes from Evernote, but generates a copy stored in Notion. If you regret switching from Evernote to Notion, you could also switch back to Evernote without any problem. Just keep in mind that once you edit those notes in Notion, they will no longer be updated in Evernote and you will have different versions.

Evernote still has details, such as PDF annotations, document scanning, search within PDFs or Word, a slightly better web capture extension, or offline access, that you might want to keep. It is best to try Notion first, to test it, and once you are convinced that what it offers convinces you then start the import process, not before.


If your Evernote notebooks have a large number of notes, for example, 1,000, there is a known bug in the import that can fail, so in these cases, I recommend that you split the notebook into 2 or 3 notebooks and then import each of them separately.

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